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Art is passion - a love affair with life and everything that goes with it, into and is a result of it. Art is light, colour, space, movement, statement, laughter, sorrow, thought, enjoyment, hate, discipline, persistence, struggle and joy of accomplishment. It is the breath that makes the day complete - it is the body of the human nature; it is ubiquitous.

Financial - quality - persistence there is a need for IMMEDIATE and no real sense of HISTORY from whence things came from. There is always a history of where things came from, how they came to be and a political awareness - there is always a need to make a statement of something real - not fluff - something NEW not hacked and rehashed - these are factors...

to be a working artist is very difficult, but one does what one does because that is what one does - simple as that. One makes the choice - choose a job that allows you the luxury of your passion - to depend on funding, well - I would never have done anything, gone anywhere, shown anywhere... and yes, I have had to turn down some really nice venues due to lack of funding, but then that makes the choice all the more important. Art is a very expensive hobby - like acting - one comes out of 'retirement' to show time – ha hah.

I paint every day - I think out pictures every day - I look at everything I can - every show I can - examine techniques - look at other artists on the web - I do much homework and am constantly trying new avenues - all of which is costly but this is what I do - time is short - time is always short - I am relentlessly driven by a passion and a knowledge that this is right for me - it is my destiny.




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A transplant from Montreal, Canada, now living in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California, E. WainDecker has tapped into her diversified background as former owner of Erika Wain Talent Agency, Patt-Wain Designer Graphics and as an exhibiting painter on the international circuit. She currently co-partners a commercial beekeeping company, Klausesbees LLC.

These experiences have fueled her character driven plot lines with books ranging from a non-fiction Beekeeper’s personal Diary to the fictional world of Young Adult Teen Adventure (a series) and Coming of Age market, the Adult genre, Contemporary Gothic, and a book of street Poetry. E. WainDecker is an alumnae of UCLA.

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